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High Performance Skincare x Rejuvenating Experiences

Complete Wellness by Naomi Nyuli in Smithers, BC

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Founder's Story

Growing up as a Gen Xer in small-town Ontario, Naomi mastered the art of free-spirited mischief with her ragtag friends. These antics turned her into a savvy, self-reliant and resourceful entrepreneur who's reinvented herself more times than she can count.

New Arrivals


Crafted for the Wild at Heart

It's totally clean skincare made with pure, honest ingredients that spring from the soil such as homegrown lavender, wild medicinal plants + botanical oils. Through our small batch production process, we aim to preserve the maximum nutritional value in our products to leave your skin feeling healthy + bright.

Simply the Best

“A little drop at night and my skin is dewy and glowing in the morning. I also battle eczema, the lavender combined with rosemary are quickly improving it even in the most stubborn spots.  I've tried other lavender products for my eczema but this one is by far the best (and my favourite) so far.  It’s now a must have for me!”
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